"I choose Onestone because of the amazing results they achieve. Their scientific insights lead to vision in customer behavior and they clearly demonstrate how customer satisfaction and efficiency go hand-in-hand. "
Jan Smets director customer care bpost
"Developing a vision with us is not an idle promise at Onestone. Working towards a common purpose, as a solid partner, is crucial for me. This trust translates into a lasting relationship. That is why I choose them."
Joost Cottyn employee advocacy BNP Paribas Fortis
“I love working with the people at Onestone, because they act as if they are ‘one of us’. They settle into our organisation, keep our pace and understand our challenges. They‘re going for it, in unity with us.”
Nele Aendekerk customer experience manager EDF Luminus - now director customer connection Securex
"The people at Onestone do exactly as they promise: by listening closely to who we are, they coach us towards developing a customer strategy that truly works."
Rudy Moens director service operations and real estate bpost
"With a pragmatic approach, Onestone manages to adapt its methodology to our needs and the particularities of our company. Which led to amazing results for our customers."
Claude Strasser CEO POST Luxembourg
"Beware: they are no consultants. Once you let them in, you can’t escape intensive work, real change and challenging results."
Ute Meier strategy coordinator POST Luxembourg
"The experts at Onestone bring focus. The 'one stone at a time' approach makes customer strategy tangible to both customers and employees."
Steven Van Belleghem speaker, coach, advisor and author of "De Conversation Manager"
"Onestone combines a strong theoretic background with a very practical approach focused on achieving a specific end-result. During the inspiring workshops they systematically take on the point of view of the customer, and from there they start redesigning processes. This leads to the unfolding of concrete pilots which are the perfect translation of the new way of working. It's inspiring and transpiring all at once! ”
Henri Buenen chief commercial officer EDF Luminus
“What I particularly appreciate in Onestone is their straightforward and open communication, their persistence to heighten the levels of enthusiasm in the organization, and how they gradually make themselves redundant while delivering their mission”
Johan De Pelsmaker director sales & services improvement retail BNP Paribas Fortis
“Onestone challenges us. They help us find innovative solutions and assist in implementing them, sometimes with truly spectacular results.”
Kris Vervaet commercial director Île-de-France EDF
“I believe they are unique in their approach, making things small to reach big.”
Ilse Henne CEO operating unit materials Germany ThyssenKrupp
“Onestone helped us design a strategic framework. We are now capable of offering services that are far better aligned with the needs of our customers.”
Jan Matthys director prevention and health bpost
“The approach that Onestone takes and their expertise have shown and convinced us of the need and importance to have one shared vision that customers feel everyday!"
Pascale Hertogen business transformation director Partena